Horror gets a new point of view

7 Magpies is an upcoming anthology horror film created by a collective of 14 African American directors and screenwriters. Spearheaded by its creator and co-executive producer L.C. Cruell, the initiative of the film was to promote diversity for African-American females and their lack of representation in horror movies.

It’s not a question of not existing…it’s a question of not being believed in, backed, funded, hired, given a seat at the table … As hot as horror anthologies are right now (“The ABCs of Death” 1&2, the “V/H/S” series and the upcoming “Tales of Halloween,” “Holidays”, etc.), not one black woman has been included in a single one, not even the all female one (“XX” – slated for a 2016 release).

7 Magpies is inspired by the nursery rhyme One For Sorrowa creepy children’s song that’s based off of an old superstition predicts your bad luck by the number of times you spot a magpie (which is surprisingly a bird and not a dessert).

Featuring a plethora of well known directors, actors, and authors 7 Magpies has the tremendous potential to be something really special.  Check out there Facebook and Twitter for more info.



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