A classic series ends.

Ju-On: The Final, coming June 20th, is the eighth and final film in the J-horror franchise created by Takashi Shimizu. This installment, directed by Ochiai Masayuki and co-written by Ichise Takashige, follows the continuity established by The Beginning Of The End, the previous film.

The synopsis:

Following the events of ‘Ju-on: The Beginning of the End’, Mai, the older sister of elementary schoolteacher Yui Shono, goes to look for her sister, who disappeared after a visit to her truant student, Toshio Saeki.

The trailer has no subtitles, so it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Let’s face it, the dialogue isn’t what we’re watching it for. It’s the imagery and that gurgling sound that we’re here for, and there’s plenty of that.



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