Just in case being in love wasn’t scary enough

Much like we learned in Compliance, never trust random men who show up out of nowhere. It seems director Craig Zobel is going to continue with this theme as he brings us Z for Zachariah.

Starring 12 Year’s A Slave’s Chiwetel Ejiofor, Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie, and ER’s Chris Pine, Z for Zachariah centers around a man and woman who fall in love in a post-apocalyptic world until a mysterious man arrives and throws a wrench into the relationship.

In the wake of a nuclear war, where a young woman survives on her own, fearing she may actually be the proverbial last woman on earth, until she discovers the most astonishing sight of her life: another human being. A distraught scientist, he’s nearly been driven mad by radiation exposure and his desperate search for others. A fragile, imperative strand of trust connects them. But when a stranger enters the valley, their precarious bond begins to unravel.

Z for Zachariah is scheduled to be released August 21st, 2015. Please stop trusting mysterious men.




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