‘I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead.’

In the words of German movie director Uwe Boll, go f*ck yourself, dear reader. He’s done with your b*llshit.

That’s what he is claiming, after a third failed kickstarter campaign for the director, best known for his critically-panned video-game-to-screen adaptations like BloodRayne, Alone In The Dark and Far Cry, was trying to raise money for Rampage 3 but without much success. His previous failed campaigns include Postal 2, while one for Rampage 3 first failed to garner sufficient interest on Indiegogo and the same now looks set to happen Kickstarter.

Check out the videos here, where he is blaming you for his misfortune.

This next video tells you how you spend your money and how no one cares about you or what you do. Happy Monday.

So you, dear reader. Stop being such an assh*le and be nice for once, please?



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