It’s not the cute kind of sloth…


You expect a character to suffer a bit in a horror movie. It kind of comes with the territory. They’re going to either see loved ones die, or be the one dying, for starters. And that usually comes with a fair amount of blood.

And while death is certainly a bad thing, at least it ends the character’s pain. The same can’t be said for everyone though. Some character survive to suffer a fate worse than death.

Daniel from ‘Absentia’


In the beginning of Absentia, Daniel has been missing for seven years. But just when his wife Trisha decides to finally give up home and sign his death certificate, declaring him “dead in absentia”, he shows up at her door, a shadow of his former self. When asked where he’s been, he can only say he’s been “underneath”. And he’s deathly afraid of a tunnel near their home.

It’s unclear exactly what happened to him even by the end, but long story short, it seems there’s a creature that keeps its victims alive on animal parts while torturing them.

The ‘Sloth’ victim from ‘Se7en’


If you haven’t seen or somehow don’t remember the plot of Se7en, it’s about a serial killer who seeks out people who embody the seven deadly sins, and punishes them in particularly creative ways for them. While they all die in particularly gruesome ways, the victim targeted for Sloth stands out.

Rather than describe what happens, I’ll just leave this here:

Every victim in ‘The Human Centipede’

human centipede

Whether you’re the girl who dies from septic poisoning, the guy who kills himself, the girl who ends up being surgically attached to two corpses, or one of the many victims in the sequels, it’s safe to say nobody is having a good time in The Human Centipede franchise.

Enough said.

Any victim in the ‘Hellraiser’ franchise


Much like The Human Centipede franchise, if you’re a victim in the Hellraiser franchise, you are not happy. (Except you also very much are, at the same time. It’s weird.)

If your desire leads you to solving a creepy puzzle box so hard that it launches meat hooks at you, you can look forward to the Cenobites eternally torturing you. That’s pretty much the whole point of the franchise.

The couple from ‘The Vanishing’


In both the original version and the remake of The Vanishing, a man searches desperately for his missing wife. He eventually finds a man who claims to have killed her, and who offers to show him what happened to her. Obviously, her fate was to be buried alive; and in the end of the film, the husband suffers the same fate (though he survives in the remake).

Being buried alive is pretty high up there in terms of nightmare fuel – I don’t think I need to explain why.

Of course, other characters have been buried alive in film, but usually they escape (à la Kill Bill: Vol. 2 or Buffy). The Vanishing movies are different.

Various immortal characters who were buried alive


What’s worse than being buried alive? Being buried alive when you can’t die.

Off the top of my head, this has happened to Jack Harkness (from Torchwood), Madame Delphine Lalaurie (from American Horror Story: Coven), and Angel (from Angel). But I’m sure there are many more, especially if you stretch the definition a bit.