A lot more zombies are coming to AMC.

Fear the Walking Dead, the spinoff of AMC’s The Walking Dead, got a two-season order right from the start. Both seasons were going to be six episodes. And while that’s still the case for the upcoming first season, it looks like the second has received an expanded episode order.

Daily Dead interviewed Greg Nicotero, the executive producer of Fear the Walking Dead, who had this to say:

We’ll start shooting the first of fifteen episodes for season two sometime in November or December, so I think the plan is to have a zombie TV show on 52 weeks a year. In The Walking Dead we had six episodes for our first season and I think we did twelve or thirteen in our second season.

Is there such a thing as too many zombies? Come to think of it, they do embody the concept of strength in numbers, so I guess not.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, August 23 on AMC.



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