Mental hospitals. Demons. Cats.

The new horror-themed indie game “Fran Bow” is set to be released August 27th of this year.  According to the game’s creators Natalia Figueroa and and Isak Martinsson, the game is about a little girl named Fran Bow who witnesses her the murder of her parents and becomes institutionalized, losing her only friend– a cat named Mr. Midnight– in the process.  Fran must escape the mental hospital, find her cat, and move in with her Aunt Grace.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.05.26 PMFrom the screenshot and trailer available on the game’s website, we can see that the game will be in a two-dimensional, cartoonish style, and that the animations are charmingly disturbing.  It’s almost reminiscent of Tim Burton.  The game will feature over 50 interactive characters, an original soundtrack, and even a few mini-games to play while you transition to higher levels.

If you absolutely can’t wait until August to play Fran Bow, Figueroa and Martinsson were kind enough to include a demo version of the game to tide you over.






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