The Listing recently premiered at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival and Colorado’s Stanley Film Festival.

Luke Jaden is only 19-years-old but already has some impressive directing chops under his belt. His latest short, The Listing, chronicles a realtor stuck with an, err, unfortunate problem of having to clean up a house infested with snakes, a monster, and a cleaver that takes on a life of its own (yes, really).

The film shot in Detroit was a different experience for Jaden, who says, “We actually had a guy who worked for a slaughterhouse, and I called him, and he was like, ‘Yeah, I can bring all these animal parts to set. He shows up to set with his truck full of dead carcasses and pig heads. I was like, ‘Art department? Go get it!’”

Instead of finding out what happens when people move in and things go awry, The Listing explores what goes on before the family arrives. We can’t wait to see it!




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