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It seems as if the horror market is saturated with films about exorcism and demonic possession, from The Exorcist to, most recently, The Vatican Tapes. It’s definitely a big challenge for filmmakers to come up with new, innovative ways to tell the story of a poor, innocent person ravaged by the soul of a demon. The devil seems to come in as many incarnations as these movies do, making them start to blend together after awhile.

But a new film manages a fresh take on the age-old possession problem, and we’re really excited about it. Written, edited, and directed by David Spaltro, …In the Dark tells the story of a mother and her daughter tormented by a spirit in their home.

Check out a short synopsis of the movie:

Skeptical grad student, Veronica Carpenter (Lynn Justinger), interviews renowned paranormal specialist, Dr. Lois Kearne (Fiona Horrigan), for her thesis on the benefits of her supernatural research in regards to modern psychology, and joins her on a field study trip to a Brooklyn family home supposedly “besieged by evil spirits”. Once at the residence of nurse Joan Mills (Catherine Cobb Ryan) and Bethany (Grace Folsom), her recently returned daughter, the investigators are immediately confronted with dark secrets, darker energies, unexplainably horrific events, and a young girl who’s affliction tests the boundaries of all their collective research and experience, forcing everyone to confront their own haunted pasts and demons. And what exactly is lying hungrily in wait …In the Dark.

The movie has several highlights, without giving too much away. The all-female lead cast is phenomenal, and it’s great to see ladies in a horror movie not used as sex bait or the tired Final Girl trope. It also features some excellent demon characterization, which is rare. We get a 14 minute long dialogue where the demon is “interviewed” in a way to find out its motives, its plans, and what it likes to do after a long day at work (kidding, of course) and it’s something I personally haven’t seen in an exorcism film yet.

And here’s a trailer for the film:

“…In the Dark” OFFICIAL TEASER (2015) from David Spaltro on Vimeo.

The team behind the movie is currently working on a premiere date, but they’re hoping for a world premiere at Toronto After Dark, an international film festival featuring the best in horror, sci-fi, action, and cult films in cinema this October. To keep up with the latest news, visit the film’s official site and Facebook page.





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