After the success of the first two Purge movies, it was practically guaranteed that there would be a third to follow in their ‘murder is now legal for one night’ footsteps.

Variety reports that Grillo is in final negotiations to reprise his role as Sergeant in the new Purge film, which will again be directed and written by James DeMonaco. Because the premise of the franchise is based around an annual Purge Night event where people can break whatever laws they wish, it’s difficult to know exactly what this new film will entail, especially with the reprise of Grillo’s character.

While most agree that the sequel Purge: Anarchy was the better of the two films, it’s safe to assume that the third will continue the story in the fashion of the second one. But officially, no information about the premise of Purge 3 has been released.

The Purge 3 will begin filming in September and is expected to hit movie screens on July 1, 2016.



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