Maybe a bug was going around.

At the premiere of the new horror movie Bite branded “barf bags” were distributed to viewers to up the film’s marketing game.  Even though the bags were undoubtedly meant to be a novelty keepsake, a few audience members actually ended up using them.

Fantasia International Film Festival in Montréal screened the latest flick by Chad Archibald (“Neverlost”) to an audience that apparently overestimated their gross-out threshold.  The movie, which follows a young woman, Casey, who is bitten by a bug on vacation and then begins to transform into a bug, was reportedly so gruesome and disgusting that it caused two people to faint during the viewing, while others put their Bite barf bags to good use.  In an early review of the film, Rob Hunter, from Film School Rejects, said “Pus, bile and other bodily fluids leak from [Casey’s] body, and Archibald ensures that we see the discharge happening in such detail that we can smell it as well.”

Body horror isn’t anything new, and neither are visceral reactions to films.  But this is the age of the Internet, where graphic and disturbing videos are being uploaded and watched every hour.  That being said, exactly how disgusting is this movie that it can have such an effect on modern viewers?  Guess we’ll have to wait for the theatrical release to find out.




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