“Scream” Episode 1.07: “In The Trenches”

Get caught up reading articles on Wikipedia and miss Scream last night? Don’t sweat it. We got your back.

Last night on MTV’s Scream, we joined Emma, Noah, Jake, and Brooke as they found their way into an abandoned bowling alley to do an amateur search-and-rescue of Will, who, if you remember, was stabbed and kidnapped by the Lakewood Slasher last week.  From beginning to end of this episode, a ton of stuff happened, more clues about the killer’s identity are revealed, and a shocking twist ending was executed (haha) with perfection.  Let’s start from the top:

Maggie informs Emma that she’s invited her new boyfriend Clark and his son/Emma’s new love interest Kieran over to have dinner with them.  Maggie asks Emma what’s going on between her and her potential stepbrother, and Emma assures her mom that they are “just friends.”  At school, Piper tells Emma and her friends what went down with Will.

Just two pals having a friendly make-out sesh in the school parking lot.

Just two pals having a friendly make-out sesh in the school parking lot.

Meanwhile, Brooke is still trying to figure out what her dad (Mayor Maddox) did to get blackmailed by Jake and Will, as well as find out where her mom really is, since she doesn’t buy her dad’s rehab story.  Brooke confronts him in his office and asks him about the video of him dragging a wrapped-up body out of his car, and also if he knows where Will is.  Maddox tells her that he doesn’t know anything about Will’s whereabouts, and that Mrs. Maddox is, indeed, in rehab.  Well, I’m convinced!

Anyway, Emma receives texts and calls from Will’s phone– it’s the killer (obvi) inviting her to play “hide and seek” with no police involvement.  Noah tracks the phone’s GPS coordinates and off they go to an abandoned bowling alley, with Brooke and Jake in tow.  The teens split up, despite Noah’s protests, and embark on the manhunt.  Well, Noah and Emma search; Jake spends most of that time trying to seduce Brooke.

"I'm Jake. I desperately seek validation from women because I'm an insecure frat-boy-wannabe."

“I’m Jake. I desperately seek validation from women because I’m an insecure frat-boy-wannabe.”

They eventually find Will strung up from the ceiling in the back office and unconscious.  Emma and Noah manage to cut him down and wake him up, finding the code “B4” carved into his back.  It corresponds to one of the employee time card boxes– Brandon James’.  Apparently he worked in the bowling alley.  In the box, Emma finds a cassette tape labeled “PTSD Project,” on which a man’s voice, Emma’s yet to be seen father, expresses anger and frustration that Daisy (Maggie’s childhood nickname) slept with Brandon.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.40.27 PM

Back at the Duvall residence, Maggie, Clark, and Kieran are having the most awkward dinner in TV history since this scene in Breaking Bad.  Maggie says that Emma should be home instead of “helping Audrey study.” Kieran offers to pick her up– he knows where she really is, and he sincerely wants to get out of there.

In the bowling alley, the killer makes several appearances: he is seen standing behind Brooke, almost stabbing  Emma, and trying to break down the office door where Will, Noah, and Brooke are.  Before or after this (we don’t know the exact sequence of events) Brooke finds Jake slumped to the ground with a knife sticking out of his chest.  Somehow, he’s still alive and somewhat lucid, and Brooke ever-so-kindly pulls the knife out for him (all joking aside, if you or someone else nearby gets stabbed or impaled with anything, do not remove the knife/stabbing instrument.  Instead, get yourself/that person immediately to a hospital, where they are actually trained to handle situations like this. Seriously, don’t unplug the wound.).

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.44.40 PMAfter receiving a scratchy distress call from Noah, Audrey decides to be responsible and alert Maggie and Clark about the location and recent activities of their children.  Police and ambulance units rush to the bowling alley.  Jake and Will are taken to the hospital and Emma and Noah are reunited with their loved ones (namely Maggie and Audrey).

By the end of the episode, Emma breaks up with Kieran to give Will another shot.  She goes over to his house, conveniently located on a semi-isolated farm, and gets a phone call from the killer, again inviting her to find Will. She goes to the field and finds Will tied up underneath a chainsaw that has been rigged to a tractor. And it’s running.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.46.30 PM

Emma rushes over, activating a trip wire, and the next thing we see is Emma being splattered with Will’s blood.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.46.52 PMWell…shit.

From this episode, I have come up with two theories:

– Emma is the daughter of Maggie and Brandon James. The killer is her father, seeking revenge against her mother for the betrayal.

– Kieran killed Will so that Emma couldn’t get back together with him. And also because Kieran is really creepy.

Questions for next week:

– Will we meet Emma’s dad?

– How will Jake function with his BFF Will?

– Will Emma move past the trauma of causing her ex-boyf to be killed Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style? (probably not)