Ding ding ding.

Stephen King, the master of horror, has unleashed terror on us since the 1974 release of his first novel, Carrie. He knows exactly how to tap into the depths of the human psyche and scare us silly. He especially manages to perfect the cornerstone of the horror genre: the villain. Without a villain, horror simply wouldn’t exist.

So in an epic horror icon throwdown between two of the most well-known King villains, Carrie White and Pennywise the Clown (aka It), who would win? Note that this is based on the film adaptations, not the original King novels. And we are not discussing the 2013 Carrie remake — sorry, but Chloe Moretz was way too cute to be a believable high school outcast turned homicidal maniac.

It and Carrie differ in that Carrie only just discovers her powers, whereas It has known about Its powers for millions of years — long before humankind even existed, It waited patiently. Carrie quickly learns how destructive her telekinesis is when she traps her entire school in the gym on prom night and murders all but one of them in one fell swoop. She wins the swiftness award, for sure. Did anybody really have fun at prom anyway?

It is a demonic entity from an outside realm called “the deadlights” that feeds off Its victims’ greatest fears. In the film, It is commonly seen as a clown named Pennywise to lure children in to scare them and kill them. It preyed on innocent children because they were easier to scare. According to the creature, frightened flesh tastes better. It will go into hibernation every 27-30 years, but It always returns for new victims.

Like Carrie, It had telekinetic powers, but could also morph to different forms, use mind control techniques, and regenerate. This made It virtually indestructible. Simply coming face to face with It and the deadlights caused a person to either die or lose all sanity.

Unfortunately, in this battle of Pennywise vs. Carrie, Carrie’s mortality is what causes her to lose. After the prom night massacre of her design, Carrie is killed in her own home (or is she?) — It is a supernatural force much bigger than anyone can truly grasp. While it’s true no one wants to face the wrath of a teenage girl seeking revenge on her teenage bullies, It is the ultimate villain because It never really goes away. It’s always there, waiting…