Let’s do the time warp again.

It’s seriously hard to believe that The Rocky Horror Picture Show shimmied into in theatres 40 years ago tomorrow (!!) namely because it feels like it never really left. The movie still has weekly midnight showings in major cities and small towns everywhere, and is a Halloween staple. (Who are we kidding? It’s a staple for all times of the year.) People still dress up and sing along, making it arguably one of the biggest films with a cult following in cinematic history.

Twentieth Century Fox announced a new DVD, Blu Ray, and Digital HD release in honor of the 40th anniversary, available for purchase on September 22nd. Their press release notes:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show quickly became a pop cultural phenomenon passed down from generation to generation. Now, after four decades, it’s back stronger than ever with an all-new Ultimate Collector’s Edition, featuring limited edition packaging, exclusive collectible pink surgical gloves, fishnet stockings and a soundtrack for its army of die-hard fans! The Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th Anniversary edition is packed with featurettes highlighting past celebrations and midnight screenings, deleted musical scenes, 11 outtakes, alternate endings, commentaries by Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn (Magenta), photo galleries and more! Bring the midnight screening home to share with friends and family with Rocky-oke: Sing It! – which includes 18 show-stopping musical numbers from the hugely popular soundtrack: “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me,” “Sweet Transvestite,” “The Time Warp” and more!
Since its 1975 release, The Rocky Horror Picture Show quickly made its mark as the most-beloved cult film of all time. Today, this iconic cult classic film is the longest running theatrical release of all-time and currently plays at weekly midnight showings in over 300 theaters across the U.S. and even more around the world. Moreover, the film’s cultural exposure and acclaim has extended far beyond the theatrical release, as the original “Rocky Horror” stage show continues to delight audiences worldwide.
So for those of you who have a hard time staying awake late enough for a midnight showing, be sure to grab your copy in September. This is great for die-hard fans or those who have never seen Rocky and are curious. It’s just a jump to the left!



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