It’s almost black christmas.

As we all know, Fall is almost upon us and we all know what that means – that it’s almost the holidays. That wonderful time of year when gifts are exchanged and those gifts are promptly returned because no one likes what they’ve received. We here at Horror Film Central are here to help you give that horror fan in your life the best possible gift.

Here are some gifts that any horror fan would be happy to have in their lives:


Alien bookmark.  Available here.


This book mark is the perfect way to mark where you are in the latest Stephen King book.

Edgar Allen Poe pouch. Available here.


This pouch is perfect for holding your phone and money while showing the world that you like broody poetry and stories.

Monopoly: The Walking Dead: Survival Edition. Available here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.19.57 PMWhy just watch/read about The Walking Dead, when you can lead the Rickatorship yourself.

Nightmare on Elm Street Toaster. Available here.


It makes the perfect toast for insomniacs.

“An Eating Machine (Snack Attack)” Lunch Box by Jason Brown. Available here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.25.51 PMYou won’t need a bigger boat when you have a bitchin’ lunch box.



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