And it looks scary as hell.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.24.59 PMProduction company A24 has just released the theatrical trailer and poster for Sundance Film Festival hit picture The Witch.  The directorial debut by Robert Eggers is a period horror set in the 1630’s that follows a Puritan family in New England as they try to cultivate a plot of land on the edge of a forest said to be controlled by witches.  Their efforts turn out to be fruitless, however, as their crops die, their animals become violent, and their children begin to exhibit symptoms of possession.

As suspicion and paranoia mount, everyone begins to point the finger at teenage daughter Thomasin. They accuse her of witchcraft, which she adamantly denies…but as circumstances become more and more treacherous, each family member’s faith, loyalty, and love will be tested in shocking and unforgettable ways.

Keep in mind that in the 1600’s, witchcraft, demonic possession, and devil worshiping were very real fears.  This film is set about thirty years before the infamous Salem Witch Trials. We’re in for some heavy-duty hysteria.

The Witch is being called an “old-school” horror and has reportedly terrified the audience members who were lucky enough to see it at Sundance.  It will be screened at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival and will be released to theaters sometime next year.



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