No word on if she’ll be in Prada heels when fighting the aliens.

Though Anne Hathaway is most commonly known for roles in romantic comedies, musical dramas, and movies about devils in designer clothes, The Hollywood Reporter announced her latest role will be in The Shower, a “female-centric sci-fi action comedy that made last year’s Blacklist, the annual listing of best not-yet made screenplays in Hollywood.” Hathaway is also set to produce the role with her husband, Adam Shulman as well as Andrew Lauren, the son of Ralph Lauren, and D.J. Gugenheim.

The Hollywood Reporter has this to say about the film:
The story begins with a bright baby shower when the guests find themselves under darker skies: a meteor shower. These meteors, however, turn men into blood-hungry aliens and the women must fight to not only save themselves but also the world.

The project is in the packaging phase, with the plan to get a director and actors before taking it to financiers or studios.

“Jac has written an awesome sci-fi comedy centered around funny, fully dimensional female characters,” said Hathaway. “I feel so lucky to be a part of the team that will bring her enormously talented and fresh voice to the big screen.”

“Anne is the perfect actor to anchor a story that is ultimately about female friendship, with a lot of ass-kicking along the way,” said Schaeffer.

No further details about casting or production have been released yet, but this could be a fun film and a great departure for Hathaway if done well.




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