I’m so glad I quit babysitting.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 2.09.09 PMOn September 1st, American audience members will be able to experience the 2012 Spanish horror film Para Elisa.  Written and directed by Juanra Fernández, Para Elisa is about the worst case scenario when you accept a new babysitting gig (besides getting that pesky “have you checked the children” call):

Desperate for some post-graduation cash, party girl Ana answers a babysitting ad. She arrives for an interview at the elegant home of Diamantina, a former child prodigy pianist who is now an eccentric old woman who collects antique toys and dolls. Ana is disturbed by Diamantina’s odd behavior and horrified to discover that her child, Elisa, is not a child but rather a deranged woman her own age. Before Ana really understands what’s happening, she finds herself trapped in the house and made to serve as Elisa’s new toy – a toy that like many others before it may well be broken.

Yikes.  If that summary didn’t sufficiently scare you out of agreeing to babysit ever again, the official trailer should do the trick.  Thanks to Dark Sky Films, Para Elisa will be made available through DVD and VOD.