Don’t close your eyes, don’t fall asleep.

With September comes the advent of so many things we love: fall is upon us, which means changing leaves, cooler temperatures, Halloween season (score!), and a new fall TV lineup. Both me and my DVR are so ready for it!

Promo for Fox’s new series Scream Queens has been on high ramp up for months now, and now we’ve got the opening credits to watch in anticipation of the September 22nd premiere. From the masterminds behind American Horror Story and Glee, the first season Scream Queens will center around a set of murders that plagued a sorority 20 years prior. The show has a pretty cool cast, including Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, and Skyler Samuels, and the original Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, will also play a role. Not much is known about her role just yet, though.

The opening credits give us a highly-stylized peek into what the horror-comedy hybrid will bring. It has a mid-tempo dance track and, yes, lots of screaming ladies. There’s a lot of fierce posing and a girl wearing ear muffs in the bathtub (why? who knows!) and a close-up look at the Red Devil.

Emma Roberts plays the feisty head of the sorority, and she had this to say about her role:

You read it sometimes and think, ‘Oh my God this is crazy! You kind of just have to do it and accept it. It’s this imagined world. There are definitely times when I’d apologize to the girls when cut was called. But it’s been fun more than anything. The way these guys write for us the insults, you cant help but laugh.

Check out the opening credits ahead of the premiere in just a few short weeks!



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