Director Josh Forbes discusses the film and his first VMAs experience this week.

Filmmaker Josh Forbes has quite a range of experience in the business, though he feels in many ways he’s still a newbie. Forbes is garnering lots of attention for his horror film Contracted: Phase II, which hits theatres and VOD today, and he’s also known for his work on music videos, including this summer’s smash hit, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon. He has also directed music videos by acts like  The Fray, Sara Bareilles, Good Charlotte, Alkaline Trio, Coheed and Cambria, Barenaked Ladies, and Ingrid Michaelson.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with the budding director on the heels of the release of Contracted: Phase II and asked him about the movie and his experience at this Sunday’s VMAs. He mentioned that there are already plans in the works for a third Contracted.

[The producers] are definitely planning on doing a third one. I think the first one has a very strong arc as its own isolated movie and then our movie is almost like the pilot of a TV show. [For me, it was] like coming into a TV situation, where there’s a cast of characters, and a crew that already has a rhythm to it, and producers that obviously have been onboard since the beginning, and being like, “Alright, how can I add my spin to this while holding true to what they’re trying to get across?

When asked how he landed the horror sequel, Forbes said:

I’m not really sure. There is an actor I work with a lot and he and I had done a comedy video about hipsters making artisanal meth. It was really funny and kind of violent. I think that that was the first thing [the Contracted producers] saw of mine. Which is ironic, because that video we made for, like, ten bucks whereas I’ve spent millions of dollars of record labels’ money. So, I think it was from that. I got a call from my friend, he was like, “Hey, do you want to do a low-budget horror sequel and my answer was immediately, “Of course I do!”

He didn’t want to give too much away about the plot for the film, though.

I think we all have our idea of what the iceberg looks like under the water. It’s kind of fun to hint at different things. Normally, I love to spill all the beans but I feel like I have to hold these cards closer to my chest. [But] there is a mythology behind it, and there is a reason behind the disease, and how it all works. I guess they’re hoping to roll this out in the third one.

Check out the trailer for Contracted: Phase II here.

As for his first experience at MTV’s Video Music Awards, Forbes famously had to raise money for his own ticket to the show. Apparently the MTV crowd are quite the elitists. Of his experience, Forbes had this to say:

It was a surreal experience. I feel like I’m kind of straddling these two worlds. I think I’m an outsider in both worlds. It’s like, I’m kind of in the horror world, and I’m kind of in the music-video world, and I feel like nobody knows what to do with me. [Laughs] Yeah, that was definitely a surreal experience.

We have a feeling he won’t have to raise money to attend next year’s show. Check out Contracted: Phase II in theatres and on VOD platforms today.



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