Always check your candy.

While promoting the upcoming (anti)Christmas-themed Krampus, director Michael Dougherty had some wonderful, albeit early, news for those of us still obsessed with 2007’s cult classic Trick ‘r Treat. It was announced back in October of 2013 that there would be a sequel, but then nothing ever came of it, disappointing fans who are eagerly awaiting the news.

Now, in an interview with IGN this week, Dougherty says that it will happen. He explains that when they announced plans for Trick ‘r Treat 2, the screenplay for Krampus hit the ground running, and he had to shift priorities before someone else snatched up Krampus.

“That’s not to say that Trick ‘r Treat has not been simmering in the background,” he added. “I wanna get it right, I don’t wanna rush it.” He adds that it will follow the anthology format of the first film, with the “skeleton” of the sequel there, and has ideas in mind to thread the first to the second, but is still exploring those ideas. He says “anything’s possible.”

In a world where a successful horror film means that producers quickly jump to create a sequel to hit theatres in time for the next Halloween season, it’s a refreshing welcome to see filmmakers taking their time to create something great. I have full confidence that Dougherty and his team will give us a great.. er.. treat when the time is right.



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