Above & Below

The team behind the upcoming season of American Horror Story has released yet another teaser to remind us of the painful fact that American Horror Story: Hotel will not premiere for another 2 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours, and 12 minutes (yes, I made a countdown clock.  Didn’t you? Just DON’T BRING IT TO SCHOOL).

In this 1 minute promo, titled Above & Below, Mother Monster wears a white dress and dances to some techno music, surrounded by a gaggle of small, pale, platinum blonde children.  It’s energetic, it’s creepy, and it’s the perfect combination of classic Gaga and AHS.

The same day, another teaser titled Locked Up was dropped.  That video features an arm with a keyhole shaped puncture wound.  The arm flexes and releases, and we see the arm’s circulation is cut off with a pink ribbon, and that the hand is clutching a key.

So far, a grand total of eight teasers have been released for Hotel, as well as a promotional first-look featurette:

You can find the rest of the teasers on the FX site, as well as on Youtube.  All of them possess that creepy, unnerving, and tantalizing quality that makes us love American Horror Story.  October 7th cannot come fast enough…