I can feel it grow inside me.

Pregnancy announcement videos are probably one of the most annoying trends of the viral internet world we live in, similar to engagement videos (though I’m of course partial to ones like this) — please don’t take that as me shading someone’s happiness at their new bundle of joy or lifelong journey together. I’m totally all for being excited about happy events in life, it’s truly magical and wonderful. But it just feels so over-the-top, that if you get pregnant or engaged and DON’T make some video or big social media announcement, it’s like it’s not as important or wonderful. But alas, give people an iPhone and a few good apps, and videos they will make.

Judy and Gavin Holt are the latest internet stars to find fame with a short movie they created to announce to the world they’re expecting a baby in March of next year. Only there’s no flash mob in Times Square, or plane with a message flying behind it here. What they made is downright.. creepy..

The Holts, both wedding photographers in the LA area, show us just how creepy ultrasound gel can be. Bravo and congratulations, guys!



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