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Because today’s theme is mixing the joy of pregnancy with the horrors of.. well, horror, we’ve got a clip and a trailer for a new horror film directed by Bruce McDonald, and it looks cool.

Hellions stars Canadian actress Chloe Rose, and the film is creating lots of buzz at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here’s a synopsis of the film:

It’s Halloween in the small town of Waterford, which means that it’s an especially important day for the self-proclaimed Pumpkin Capital of the World. And it’s an even more monumental day for Dora (Chloe Rose), a teenager who’s just learned that she’s pregnant. Desperately trying to figure out how (or if) she’ll break the news to those most important to her, Dora mopes at home as her mother and little brother go out trick-or-treating. But there are strange things happening outside: small kids in the creepiest costumes imaginable keep turning up at her door. As the night wears on, Dora realizes that these unwelcome visitors want her unborn child — and they aren’t especially patient.

Working from Pascal Trottier’s genre-savvy script, McDonald derives some powerfully eerie menace from the demonic kids pursuing his heroine. They look like the Children of the Damned kitted out in the potato-sack/​​rust-bucket couture of such down-home horror villains as Leatherface. Even more impressive, however, are the extraordinarily stylized visuals as Dora flees through a surreal, ever-changing landscape, which invest this already creepy movie with a wild, psychedelic kick.

The film is currently screening at TIFF and premiered back in January at Sundance.

We have a trailer for the film and a new clip from Entertainment Weekly:



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