Your eyes may hurt after this one.

A few weeks ago, we brought you info on Mickey Keating’s critically acclaimed flick called Pod, and now Keating has teamed up with the stars of Pod (Brian Morvant and Lauren Ashley Carter) for his new film Darling, which will have its world premiere at the forthcoming Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, which starts September 24th.

Entertainment Weekly says:

Darling stars Carter as a lonely young woman who is hired as the caretaker of an old, mysterious Manhattan mansion and descends into madness. The film’s cast also includes Sean Young, John Speredakos, Helen Rogers, and another Pod cast member, indie-horror overlord Larry Fessenden, who produced the film with his Glass Eye Pix colleague Jenn Wexler and Sean Fowler for Alexander Groupe. The score was written by composer, and longtime Keating collaborator, Giona Ostinelli.

Check out their exclusive trailer for Darling here. Note that it’s akin to the strobe lights in a cheesy nightclub, and may be a bit much for sensitive eyes. You’ve been warned.




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