Everything is better fun sized.

Last Halloween, a website called Fun Size Horror was launched.  It was a week-long showcase of horror shorts made by various filmmakers, available to watch for free online.  After a lot of hype from horror websites, like Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central, the films were compiled into an anthology, which can now be purchased through Video On Demand platforms.  The website itself flourished, and now hosts dozens of horror shorts and the tagline “Celebrate Halloween all year long.”  The website’s creators have written the following mission statement:

We are a collective of genre-loving filmmakers always on the search for new and exciting films! Fun Size Horror aims to terrify and delight viewers with short films that explore horror from every angle, from elevated suspense-thrillers and creature features, to hauntings and twisted animations, to untapped ideas lurking in our creators’ minds; all made into bite size pieces. Like a bag of Halloween candy, Fun Size Horror is exciting, unexpected…and of course, a little dangerous.

This year, starting October 15th, a new collection of short horror films will be released for our viewing pleasure.  But that’s not all.  Fans and filmmakers will be able to submit their original genre films to Fun Size Horror.  From the website:

Horror fans and filmmakers, come and join the fun by submitting your movies to FunSizeHorror.com now and become a part of the growing Fun Size Horror community! We’ve created a place for all your lovely, twisted, weird, frightening and imaginative films to gather, and have the opportunity to expand your audience!

Post your horror films and you could automatically be eligible for contests, awards, festivals, and distribution opportunities!

It’s free to submit and there are very loose guidelines as to what will be accepted (25 minutes or less in length, the submitter must own the video, and the film cannot insult, exploit, or endanger any person or group.  Also, no excessive nudity.).  Not a bad deal for filmmakers who want more exposure!

I watched a few of the videos.  Here are some that I recommend:

Mother by Zeke Pinheiro

Paramnesia by Michael May

The Lover by Anisa Qureshi