The Halloween countdown starts…NOW!

Happy first day of Halloween! Just like how December is completely dedicated to the Winter holidays, Halloween is typically celebrated for the entire month of October.  Well, it is here at Horror Film Central, at least.  The other 11 months are simply considered “Pre-Halloween.”  It’s not just a holiday; it’s a lifestyle.

In honor of this most sacred month, I will be posting a short horror film every day for your terror and amusement.  The first short on the list is Breathe (2013) by Toby MeakinsBreathe is about two guys who conjure up a ghost who only appears if you hold your breath.

The film is spooky right off the bat.  Two guys sit down together in an abandoned building.  One of them talks the other into holding his breath so the ghost will approach them.  The ending is grim, heartbreaking, and eerily beautiful.  Everything about this film is fantastic: the original plot, the stark setting, the haunting and subtle special effects, and even the choice of music were executed to perfection.  Breathe stars Jack North, Orion Ben, and Josef Altin.