My name is Sophia. I’m 21. And I’m a monster.

Today’s chosen horror short for our Halloween Countdown is a creature feature.  Lovely Monster (2011) is a five-minute-long documentary style horror film that gives a humanizing twist to the monster genre.  Directed by Francesco Calabrese and starring Sophia Del Pizzo, Lovely Monster was well received by audiences and is featured as a “Vimeo Staff Pick.” In 2012, Lionsgate was reportedly negotiating with the director to develop the short into a feature film.

The film follows a young woman, Sophia, who must cope with isolation and exclusion due to an incurable condition which renders her dangerous and unpredictable.  The movie is comprised of interviews with Sophia, her mother, a childhood friend, and others, as well as intimate shots of Sophia, which helps us both empathize and sympathize with her right before her condition is revealed.  Lovely Monster, in addition to being a horror short, is a beautifully shot reminder that there are often two sides to monster stories.