Accelerate. Very good. Now change into second gear.

Alberto Evangelio‘s short film La Cruz has a calm and familiar opening: a father giving his daughter a driving lesson so she can prepare to take her licensing exam.  They talk about the father’s divorce from the girl’s mother and the consequential estrangement from each other.  We learn that the girl is seeing her father without her mother’s knowledge because her mother has a long-standing restraining order against him.

After a minute of dialogue, La Cruz takes a sharp turn and quickly accelerates from 0 to 60.

Starring Sandra Cervera and Pablo Castañón, the film is a horrifying thriller that claims to be based on true events.  The acting is superb and the landscape where the film takes place provides a beautiful–and dangerous– backdrop.  It’s entirely in Spanish, but the action is directed so well, you barely even need the subtitles.