Be careful out there. That place is haunted.

Why are horror fans so obsessed with the Southern United States? For decades, filmmakers have been exploiting stereotypes about the South– it seems to them that Southerners are all uneducated, inbred, religious zealots with unlimited access to firearms, unchecked racism and misogyny, and raging crystal meth addictions.  These stereotypes are actually present in most forms of media, from literature to news sources.

Most rational people understand that these assumptions about people who live in the South are, for the most part, false and are rooted in classism and xenophobia.  Stereotypes are just that: stereotypes.  With that in mind, I would like to present today’s chosen horror short.

Behold The Noose is about a sheriff’s deputy who embarks on a solo search-and-rescue mission of a missing girl in the backwoods of Kaufman County, Texas.  The film, written and directed by Jamie Brooks and Sheldon Chick, has a running time of 10 minutes.  Behold The Noose, despite the subject matter, features beautifully executed cinematography and a genuinely frightening plot.  It stars Major Dodge and won Best Short Thriller at the Zed Fest last year.  Even more impressive? It was shot in just 24 hours.