Get your scream on, New Yorkers.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.08.14 PMHey, Gotham residents: need some solid Halloween plans that doesn’t include fighting to get a halfway decent view of the Halloween Parade? Not interested in stressing over which photos your friends took of you are going to end up on social media? Looking for more options other than squeezing your way into a bar and trying your hand at DIY pyrotechnics in a desperate attempt to get the bartenders attention so they can serve you overpriced and watered-down cocktails? Look no further.

The new horror film The Hallow is set to screen at Lincoln Center on October 31st at 7pm.  The showing is a part of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s ‘Scary Movie Series 9’ and will include a Q&A session with director Corin Hardy. More information can be found here.  I’m not sure if wearing your Halloween costume is encouraged for this event, but I’m sure the clever ones will be appreciated.



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