The Donald as Jigsaw? Perfection.

The creative folks at DesignCrowd set out to further terrify us this Halloween, and it’s crazy. They had a contest in which they asked graphic designers to insert Donald Trump as a “character” into our favorite horror classics and the results are amazing.

DesignCrowd received over 124 submissions from 62 designers for the “Photoshop Donald Trump into famous horror movie scenes” project. The winner of the contest shows Trump coming face to face with Drew Barrymore’s character from the classic 1996 slasher flick Scream.

DesignCrowd explained the inspiration behind the contest: “The team at DesignCrowd came across a hilarious image of Donald Trump photoshopped into a famous scene from the classic horror film The Shining. We all wondered what it would look like if Mr. Trump was photoshopped into a whole host of other well-known horror movie scenes – this is where you guys come in!”

Check out all the submissions here.



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