Diabolical forces are formidable.

Yesterday, we brought you a photo from the set of The Conjuring 2, which has begun principal photography and is set to be released in June of next year. But now we’ve learned that the owners of the home featured in the first film are suing Warner Bros. due to “a Conjuring-instigated siege of their property.” Yikes!

The Rhode Island couple have filed a lawsuit, blaming Warner Bros. for unwanted attention to their home. According to court documents, Norma Sutcliffe and Gerald Helfrich of Harrisville, R.I., have dealt with “threats of physical violence and harm, sleepless nights, and worry that one day, one of the many trespassers will commit an act of destruction, violence, or harm” since the film’s release in July of 2013.

Sutcliffe and Helfrich bought the house in 1987 and lived there “in peace” until 2013, the lawsuit says. The complaint also says Warner Bros. made and released the film without notifying them. Note that Warner Bros. did not actually film at their home, but their home was the inspiration for the movie.

Famous horror homes are nothing new, and die-hard horror fans love to get a glimpse of the locations of their favorite horror scenes — what do you think, is their lawsuit valid?



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