Don’t break the circle.

About two years ago, I lived and studied in Paris for five months.  My apartment was perfect: walking distance from campus, close to the Metro, and it had its own, private bathroom (a rarity among Parisian studios).  It was also haunted.  After weeks of hearing rather unsettling sounds, I consulted my friend Emily, who suggested we conduct a séance.  The séance took place during a raging storm, complete with thunder and lightening, and the results were most definitely conclusive of a supernatural presence in my perfect Avenue de la Bourdonnais studio.

The featured short today is Séance.  Directed by Zachary Beckler, the short is a sort of 15-minute-long prequel to Beckler’s feature film Interior.   Séance tells the story about a pregnant woman, her sister, and her husband who enlist the help of a psychic to communicate with a spirit that haunts their home (coincidentally, the ghost is also named Emily).  The film is chilling in the best way.




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