The only thing keeping Harold’s family bound is his unconditional love for them.

Today’s selection for the Halloween Countdown isn’t just scary– it’s absolutely horrifying.  Play House, directed by Brandon LaGanke and written by Nathan Wold, is a ten minute long peek into a family-man’s home life.  We see him interact with his son, a teenage pothead; his daughter, a teen who occupies herself with old home videos; and his wife, a woman who is concerned with her family’s well-being.  At first, everything seems normal, albeit vaguely uncomfortable; Harold’s interactions with his children are stunted, and those with his wife suggest a disintegrating relationship.  And then Play House takes a sickening turn.

This film made my skin crawl.

Play House stars Larry Peterson, Angela Pierce, Gianna LaPera, and John Reese.  It was produced by the Brooklyn-based film company Ghost + Cow Films, and was the official selection of World Premiere SXSW in 2013, Fantasy Film Festival in Germany, Little Terrors Toronto, and other film festivals.