Social media can be quite ghastly.

Sometimes, in this age of digitized relationships and virtually no privacy, we must act like mature adults and delete our exes on social media.  Maybe you’re getting tired of your ex’s asinine Facebook statuses, or they keep posting nauseatingly adorable photos with their new partner, or they took your “let’s remain friends” line seriously and have been incessantly messaging you to hang out.  Whatever the reason, it’s often best to keep a comfortable distance, both physically and digitally, from your former partners.

In André Borghi’s short horror film Alexia, a young man, Franco, unfriends his deceased ex-girlfriend from his Facebook as a way to cleanse his life of her memory.  The titular Alexia, however, has other plans.

Alexia stars Sergio Berón, Pilar Boyle, and Paula Carruega.  This film is especially frightening if you’ve ever had an ex who was difficult to shake off.