I just want to watch some TV with you…

You’ve heard of black-eyed children, right? It’s an urban myth that has been circulating around campfires and Internet forums since the 1990s.  According to the mythology, black-eyed children appear as young kids with pale skin and completely darkened eyes.  They are reportedly seen panhandling, trying to hitch a ride from adults, and even knocking on doors to gain access to someone’s home.

Today’s short film brings that urban myth to a terrifying, visual level.  The Artifice was written and directed by Matthew Holmes and stars Joshua Jaeger and Bailey Barbour, featuring the cinematography of Peter Szilveszter.  Here’s the official synopsis:

Lucas’ relationship has collapsed and his girlfriend is moving out. Whilst dealing with his grief, Lucas answers a strange knocking at his door late one night. An unusual young boy is on his porch asking to be let inside. When Lucas notices the boy has completely black eyes, he refuses the child’s request. The child then reveals himself to be far more sinister than Lucas could ever have imagined.

In 12 minutes, The Artifice inspires feelings of dread, claustrophobia, and a pronounced fear of the unknown.  Check it out below!