American Horror Story: Hotel: 5×07–’Flicker’

Work the graveyard shift last night and miss American Horror Story: Hotel? Here’s what happened:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.06.08 PMThe episode begins with Will Drake and his son, Lachlan.  Will informs Lachlan that they will be permanently residing in the hotel.  Lachlan doesn’t mind; he’s made friends at the hotel (the vamp kids).  Will then hints to his son that he intends to marry Elizabeth.  At first Lachlan is confused because he knows that his dad is gay.  Will explains that adults are complicated and Lachlan voices his approval on the future marriage.

Meanwhile, the hotel is undergoing some heavy-duty renovations that are briefly interrupted when one of the construction workers points out that one of the walls is made of solid steel.  Will, under the pressure of getting the hotel spruced up as quickly as possible, tells them to do whatever they have to do to continue the renovations.  Two construction workers cut a hole in the wall and discover a hidden hallway.  Naturally, they do some exploring.  Unfortunately they are immediately attacked and killed by two vampires with suspiciously advanced signs of aging.

The majority of the episode centers on Elizabeth.  Through a series of flashbacks to Hollywood in 1925, we learn that in her human life, Elizabeth moved from New York to California in pursuit of stardom.  Actually in pursuit of immortality through stardom.  When she gets a minor role in a film, she is approached by Valentino– a movie star who, reportedly, just separated from his celebrity wife, Natasha.  She goes to Valentino’s home one night for a romantic evening and discovers that Valentino and Natasha are still very much in love.  The divorce was advised by their management so that they could have privacy in their life together.  The two seduce Elizabeth and a secret polyamorous relationship developes.  The affair is cut short, however, when a news story reporting Valentino’s death surfaces.  Distraught, Elizabeth prepared to autodefenestrate at the Hotel Cortez.  Her suicide attempt is foiled by James March.  The two get married, even though Elizabeth doesn’t really care for him.  Their marriage is filled with sex, extravagant wealth…and grisly, bloody murders committed by March, and that Elizabeth enjoys witnessing.  Looks like she was evil long before she contracted the vampire virus.

Speaking of the vampire virus…Valentino didn’t really die.  In another flashback, he and Natasha find Elizabeth at Valentino’s tomb.  He explains that he had been turned by F.W. Murnau– the director of Nosferatu.  Intrigued by the possibility of literal immortality, Elizabeth tells Valentino to infect her.  Enraged, March traps Valentino and Natasha within the walls of the Hotel Cortez, forcing them to starve for all of eternity.  Or, until construction workers accidentally free them.

Outside of the hotel, John has checked himself into a mental hospital.  Not because he thinks he’s going crazy, but because during a scuffle with his former partner, Detective Hahn, he sees a report that says that Hahn visited that particular hospital.  John thinks that infiltrating the hospital will lead him to the Ten Commandments Killer.  Once inside the hospital, John meets Wren– one of Elizabeth’s vampire kids.  At first, Wren was happy to be taken under Elizabeth’s wing; she saved her from a creepy and abusive father.  But now, Wren just wants to be normal.  And she’s consumed with guilt because she was present during some of the Ten Commandments murders.  She agrees to help John, but as soon as the two escape from the hospital, Wren fatally throws herself in front of a speeding bus.

Back at the hotel, Elizabeth joins her late husband James March for dinner.  The two apparently only do this once a month.  Elizabeth informs March that she will be remarrying.  Upset, March informs Elizabeth that he had been keeping Valentino and Natasha hostage and that they are now free.  Valentino and Natasha then kill and eat a few people in attempt to regain their youth.

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