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According to Variety, acclaimed Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies is set to star in the upcoming action-horror film titled Aux.  The movie will be produced by the London-based company Evolutionary Films, and will be directed by CEO John Adams, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Peter Adams.  Head of Production Diane Shorthouse has signed on to be a producer, while Rhys-Davies will act as an executive producer in addition to…well…acting.

Aux will be a post- World War II-themed film.  Here’s what Variety has to say:

Aux begins when two young boys discover the entrance to a secret military bunker that has been undetected since World War II with both subsequently killed. A police investigation is initiated but the officers are killed in grotesque and mysterious ways while a WWII veteran in a nursing home — played by Rhys-Davies — sees these events unfolding on the news and believes he may know what is going on.

You probably know Rhys-Davies from any one of his numerous film roles, most notably Gimli from The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Sallah from Indiana Jones, or even from the TV programs Once Upon A Time and Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire.

Aux will begin filming on January 13th.  Keep your eyes open for further updates!



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