Let’s be real: finals are always scary.

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We all know the story: a group of student filmmakers join forces for a final project, they decide to film a documentary about a haunted/ cursed place, they ignore the locals’ warnings about said place for the sake of their art, and terror ensues, all captured with a hand-held camera.

The trope is old hat at this point, but somehow, it’s still scary.  So naturally, filmmakers continue to use it.  Director Taylor Ri’chard‘s upcoming film titled The Final Project is a found footage-style horror about students trying to capture supernatural activity on an abandoned, and reportedly haunted, Southern plantation.  Written by Ri’chard and Zachary Davis, the film stars Amber Erwin, Teal Haddock, Arin Jones, Evan McLean, Leonardo Santaiti, Sergio Suave, Tiffany Ford, and Jejuan Walker.

The trailer does a good job of introducing the concept, and includes a scene in the students’ classroom, as well as a scene featuring a local urging them not to enter the property.  The rest of the trailer is dominated by screaming, shaky camera movements, and shots of the plantation (side note: of course a plantation is going to be haunted by angry spirits).

The Final Project will be released February 12th. Will it receive an A+?



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