A little something to keep you up at night.

What was the official selection in 58 film festivals, won 25 awards, and will fuel your nightmares for years to come? A.J. Briones’ short film The Smiling Man.  Completed in 2015, it’s been on the festival circuit for about a year, sweeping up awards and honorable mentions, and creeping everyone out.  We posted the teaser last year.

The seven-minute-long film, bearing the logline “A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil”, is incredibly well done and seriously twisted.  Which is great, since that’s what the writer/director was going for.  The Smiling Man stars Abbi Chally, Strange Dave, and Mellisa Chally, and features the work of FX artists Melanie Leandro, Brittany Fontaine, and Rowan Walters, as well as original music by Vivien Villani.

Although The Smiling Man is still making appearing in film festivals, Briones was kind enough to post the short online for us all to enjoy.  Check it out below! For more information and festival dates, visit the film’s official website.



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