Scream Episode 2×11: ‘Heavenly Creatures’

Working the graveyard shift and miss this week’s episode of Scream? We feel you.  Here’s your weekly recap:

It’s a quiet night at the Duvall house.  Emma and Maggie are sound asleep and there isn’t any sort of violent, house-shaking storm brewing outside.  There is, however, a violent killer.  The killer remotely disables the alarm system and picks the locks on the kitchen door to enter.  We watch, as horrified and voyeuristic flies on the wall, as the killer walks upstairs to Emma’s room, looks around, and steals her dream journal.  Emma wakes up due to a small thud that the killer makes, and finds that no one is in her room.  She arms herself with a pair of scissors and walks downstairs to find her front door ajar and…a wooden heart pendent with her name carved into it.

We then cut to Kieran, who is getting ready to leave his house.  Downstairs, he runs into Eli.  Kieran tells him that he’s going to Emma’s house.  When Kieran arrives, the police are still investigating the break in.  Maggie asks Acosta if anyone else in Lakewood could be connected to Piper.  Acosta informs her that Miss Lang knew her.

The next day, Kieran, Emma, and Brooke visit Noah at the hospital.  Audrey’s already with him; it appears that she’s been taking care of him.  On the TV, a press conference with Mayor Maddox is playing, in which he publicly condemns this new serial killer.  Noah tells his friends that he’s one-hundred-percent done with his murder obsession and love of horror films.  He tells them that he’s discontinuing his podcast, and asks that they dismantle his Murder Board before he is discharged.  He never wants to look at it again.

Speaking of murder obsessions, Stavo is still staying in the hotel room with Brooke.  He watches the press conference and draws a bloody caricature of Mayor Maddox.

At Noah’s house, Emma, Audrey, and Kieran are hard at work getting rid of anything that might upset their traumatized friend.  As they box up his clues and notes, Emma notices something she hadn’t before in the newspaper clipping of Will’s funeral: Eli is in the background of the photo.

Audrey goes back to the hospital to fill Noah in on this new development.  He doesn’t want to hear anything about the case, and tells Audrey to incinerate his clues.  Audrey understands Noah’s feelings, and gives him the photo booth pictures of him and Zoe that she found in his room. He says he wants to do one last podcast to pay tribute to his fallen friend.  Audrey then gets a text from the killer, mocking Emma for cutting people out.

At Emma’s house, Audrey, Kieran, and Emma try to figure out what the text means.  Emma confesses that after the carnival, Eli sent her a bunch of text messages that she never responded to.  They all seem to think that Eli might have something to do with the killer, and Kieran starts to walk away to confront his creeper cousin.  Luckily, Emma stops him and reminds him that they are dealing with a clearly unstable person.

Speaking of Eli, he’s engaged in an argument with his mother.  Apparently, she’s being paid to leave town.  Eli doesn’t want to leave and tells his mother that they’re staying in Lakewood.  His mom cryptically refers to some big secret they have and reveals that Mayor Maddox is paying her to skip town.

Meanwhile in the Maddox Mansion, the mayor tries to reach Brooke.  He’s leaving her a text message when music starts blaring from her room.  He goes upstairs to turn it off, and while he’s up there, Eli (wearing a black hoodie and gloves) is ransacking his desk.  He finds a pile of files and steals them, leaving behind a note saying “You’re so screwed.”

In another hospital room, Sheriff Acosta interviews Miss Lang about her connection to Piper.  Lang maintains that she barely knew Piper.  They only lived in the orphanage for a few months, and Lang was older than Piper, so she hardly ever played with her.  Miss Lang admits that she’s been conducting an informal case study about the survivors of last year’s attacks.  She also tells Acosta that Stavo started drawing murder scenes when he stumbled upon a crime photo in his father’s office.  She explains that his fascination was really about what Acosta deals with on a regular basis, and that instead of talking about his feelings, he expresses himself through art. Acosta leaves and sends a text message to Stavo saying “I’m sorry. Please come home.”

Stavo deletes the text and drops Brooke off at her house.  She tells him to go home, and he promises that he will.  Instead, he goes to see Noah in the hospital.  Stavo tries to convince Noah to continue his podcast because a lot of people find it comforting and use it to cope with the reality of death.  He sends Noah a drawing.  It’s a comic panel featuring Noah fighting off the killer.

Kieran goes home just in time to hear Eli and his aunt talk about Mayor Maddox.  Apparently the mayor is involved with insurance scams, and is also stealing money from the majority of Lakewood’s citizens– including the James family.  Kieran Facetimes Audrey and Emma (who are waiting in the car) and treats them to a live stream of him searching his cousin’s room.  During the search, he finds the original letters that Audrey wrote to Piper.

Kieran runs outside with the letters.  Audrey wants to turn them in to the police, but Emma tells her that they will implicate her in the new murders.  In the pile of letters, the three find a dozen photographs of Emma as a young girl– just like the photos in the pig farm.  The three are now thoroughly convinced that Eli is the killer, and they agree to put the evidence back in his room to avoid his (allegedly) murderous wrath.  Emma and Audrey drive off to revisit the pig farm.

Brooke meets her father inside their house and texts Stavo to see how things are with his dad.  He doesn’t answer.  He’s home, but only for about five minutes.  He packs his backpack and rides off on his bike.  That night, Mayor Maddox receives a text from an unknown number, implying some extortion due to his illicit affairs.

At the hospital Noah finishes recording his podcast.  He dedicates it to Zoe and vows to keep the podcast running.  Right when he’s about to broadcast his latest entry, someone remotely hacks his computer and uploads a video.  It’s a crudely made movie with the killer’s footage spliced together with entries from Emma’s dream journal and Audrey’s secret confession.

The video plays on a loop, and soon everyone in town has seen it.  Sheriff Acosta has gotten several calls about it, and Brooke is especially rattled at the video of Audrey picking the notes off of Jake’s corpse.  Maggie walks into Acosta’s office and tells him that Kieran told her that Emma and Audrey are headed to the pig farm, and that Emma isn’t answering her phone.

Audrey and Emma arrive at the pig farm.  Emma tells Audrey to wait outside as a lookout while she searches the interior.  Yes, it’s breaking the Horror Movie Rules to split up, but don’t worry; once Emma finds the secret room, she calls Audrey in.  In the room, the two find Emma’s dream journal with a section about a dream involving Emma stabbing her friends highlighted.  The two see car lights out the window, and recognize Mayor Maddox’s car.

In the barn, Maddox baits his mystery extortionist with text messages.  He then finds himself face to face with the masked murderer, who stabs him with a pitchfork.

As Emma and Audrey leave the house, they decide to look in the barn to see what Maddox is up to.  They find him wounded and bleeding.  As they approach, Maddox, like an idiot, pulls the pitchfork out of his body.  Obviously he doesn’t know that if you get stabbed and your assailant leaves the weapon in your body you do not under any circumstance remove the weapon by yourself.  He starts to rapidly lose a lot of blood and collapses.  Audrey and Emma go to help him and try to put pressure on his puncture wounds with their bare hands (also a stupid move, but we’ll let it slide).  They hear a noise and pick up pitchforks to arm themselves.  It’s the police.  The two drop their weapons and put their blood-soaked hands in the air.

Maggie arrives at the scene just as Emma and Audrey are being handcuffed.  They’re both under arrest, and there’s some pretty damning evidence against them.  Acosta advises Maggie to lawyer up, and tells Kieran, who also drove over, not to make it worse by attempting to interfere.

Will Emma and Audrey be indicted? Will the real killer be revealed? Check back with us next week for another exciting recap of MTV’s Scream!



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