This is getting a bit ridiculous. In a good way.

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Earlier this week, the Powers That Be over at the FX network gifted us with yet another teaser for the sixth season of American Horror Story.  The past teasers have been creepy, dark, and mysterious in that classic American Horror Story way.  We saw short clips of misty railroad tracks, malevolent shadows, and less-than-sanitary surgical procedures.

This latest teaser, titled Blind Date, is a bit different from the others.  It’s brightly colored, slightly campy, and in the style of the classic b-horror movies from the 1950’s– think Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Since FX CEO John Landgraf has stated that some of the teasers are misleading and have nothing to do with the theme for Season Six of American Horror Story, let’s just enjoy the clip for what it is– a throwback to the genre’s roots.




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