American Horror Story: Roanoke : 6×02

Too busy cramming for an exam to watch last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke? Read this recap.  And clean up your study habits.


The episode begins right where last week’s ended: with Shelby lost in the woods and catching sight of a scalped man.  It’s soon revealed that she has stumbled upon some occult-ish ritual, in which a leader sentences a thief to death.  The group forces the man to wear a hallowed-out pig’s head and burns him alive on a huge roasting spit.

Shelby runs away and manages to get out of the forest.  She’s almost hit by a car– Lee had been searching for her.  She brings her to the hospital, and Shelby gives a statement to the police.  Some officers search the woods and find nothing amiss.  They respond in a predictable manner: they test Shelby for drugs.  Her tests are all negative.

After the shock and terror has worn off, Shelby thinks the ritual was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the Polk family to scare them off. She is more determined than ever to stand her ground.

We switch over to Lee.  Her ex-husband, Mason, brings their daughter, Flora, to the house for visitation (the court granted him full custody because of Lee’s history of substance abuse).  Lee is nervous, but is looking forward to spending time with her little girl.  Then, things start to get hairy.

The two play a game of jacks, and when Lee leaves for a moment to get Flora a snack, she returns to an empty room.  She finds Flora in another area of the house, having a conversation with…no one.  Flora says that she was talking to “Priscilla”.  Lee thinks that her daughter is making it up and acting out, as a result of the divorce.

Flora tells her mother that Priscilla promised to make her a bonnet in exchange for some help with something.  She tells Lee that Priscilla is “tired of all the blood” and needs Flora’s help to make it stop.  Suddenly, Lee hears a crash in the other room.  When she goes to check it out, she finds that a vase has shattered and that a colonial-style bonnet has appeared.

That night, Shelby and Matt hear the same noise that they heard their first night.  This time, Shelby goes with Matt to investigate.  She’s not going to hide this time.  The two venture out into the woods, armed with flashlights and nothing else.  Somehow, the two get separated, and they both end up lost in the woods.  When he’s looking for his wife, a wild pig runs by Matt.  Eventually, the two find each other– and a bonfire with an altar, complete with a bloody pig head and entrails dripping from a spit.  Matt knocks down the altar and smashes a few of the wooden pieces.  Probably not the best idea…

Matt and Shelby call the police and direct them to the altar.  The police file a report and promise to bring in the Polk family in for questioning.  They also park a squad car in front of their house for protection after Shelby threatens to go public with a story about police negligence.

That night, Matt sees a terrifying apparition.  An elderly woman in a hospital bed is being tormented by two nurses.  After the woman refuses to take some medicine, the nurses shoot her in the head.  Laughing maniacally, they spray paint a red ‘M’ on the wall, gleefully proclaiming “M is for Margaret”.

Matt notifies the police officer outside, who investigates and finds absolutely nothing.  Matt thinks that he was either dreaming or suffering brain damage from the attack he survived.

The next morning, Mason comes by to pick up their daughter.  Flora is nowhere to be found, and Lee remembers that sometimes she likes to play impromptu games of Hide And Seek.  Lee and Mason eventually find her in a cupboard, talking to someone– Priscilla.  Flora explains that she was offering to give Priscilla her doll in exchange for not killing everyone.  She says that “they” are going to kill them all and save Flora for last.

Mason takes Flora away and tells Lee that he’s going to the judge to keep their daughter away from her.  Permanently.  Lee falls off the wagon and gets drunk.  Shelby discovers a bunch of kitchen knives stuck in the ceiling.  She thinks that Lee threw them up there.  After Matt puts Lee in her room to sober up, he and Shelby see a woman in shabby colonial garb in on their property.

They go out to investigate.  Instead of finding the woman, they find a cellar.  Meanwhile, Lee sees the nurses in her room. She walks out and sees, for a split second, writhing and bloody pig tails nailed to the wall.  And a man wearing a pig’s head reflected in the hallway mirror.  When she turns around, no one– and nothing– is there.

The cellar turns out to be a shelter, and Shelby and Matt find a video tape.  They play it.  It’s a video diary entry from 1997 from a frantic and sleep deprived man– Elias Cunningham.  He tells the camera that he’s not crazy– he’s an academic and he had been living in the farmhouse to conduct research for a True Crime novel.  “Malevolent forces” harmed him so badly that he needed to move into the cellar.

He says that the subjects of his novel were Miranda and Bridget Jane– two sisters who were both nurses.  They worked in an assisted living facility and were suspected in the deaths of two of the patients.  They opened their own assisted living facility in the farmhouse, which had been abandoned for fifteen years after the previous owners moved away after living there only a short time.  They made it affordable to check elderly patients into the home, and only accepted people whose families just wanted to unload them somewhere.  They also only accepted patients whose names began with either “M”, “U”, “R”, “D”, or “E”.

Miranda and Bridget Jane systematically killed their patients, spray painting the letters of their name on the wall to spell out “Murder”.  The police were called to investigate, but by then, the nurses had fled, leaving behind an unfinished “Murde” on the wall.  The house was renovated to be resold, but no matter how many coats of paint were put up, “Murde” still appeared.

Matt realizes that the apparition he saw was the nurses.  He peels back some wallpaper.  He and Shelby see proverbial writing on the wall.  “Murde.”

At the end of the video, Elias hypothesizes that the nurse were stopped by something supernatural and that they will do anything to continue their project.  The video ends with Elias searching the house and being confronted, for a split second before the video cuts out, by the woman Shelby saw putting a man to death in the woods.

After they finish watching the tape and processing everything, Shelby and Matt have a meeting with the bank representative who sold them the house.  Shelby threatens a lawsuit– the house’s history was never disclosed to them, and the current street address was changed to conceal the history. The representative informs them that since he is not a realtor, he was under no obligation to give them the house’s history.  Matt and Shelby realize that they don’t have any options.  They won’t be able to get their money back.

To make matters worse, Lee drives up– with Flora.  She kidnapped her daughter.  Mason calls Shelby, who assures him that his daughter is fine and that the police do not need to be called.  Flora, in the meantime, sees a girl outside and smiles at her.  Presumably, this is Priscilla. When Mason informs them that he will be driving up to collect her, Lee, Matt, and Shelby realize that Flora is missing.  The adults frantically look around the house and run outside to try to find her.  They don’t– but they do see her hoodie high up on a tree.