American Horror Story: Roanoke 6×07

Too busy perfecting your Halloween costume to watch American Horror Story: Roanoke?  We finished ours weeks ago.  Here’s your recap.

The episode opens in Sidney’s production trailer.  He watches the house’s live feed, enthralled when he witnesses the fight between Matt and Dominic.  Drama is great for ratings, after all.  His production assistant, Alissa, comes in and asks about Diana; no one has heard from her since she quit, and she’s not answering her phone. When she steps outside, a camera operator sees Rory being stabbed on the live feed.  Before he can rewind to show Sidney, they hear Alissa scream.  Sidney goes outside, and then rushes back in to order the camera operator to capture something on tape.  Alissa is dying– her throat has been slashed open.  Before either Sidney or the camera operator can do anything, Agnes, in character as The Butcher, runs up and stabs both men to death.  She steals the camera.

Back at the house, Audrey, Lee, Monet, Matt, Dominic, and Shelby search for Rory.  They find a puddle of blood in his room, but no body.  Audrey thinks that it’s an elaborate trick from Rory and Sidney to enable the former to go back to LA for his screen test.  In the confession booth, Audrey admits her real fear: that Rory has left her because she’s fifteen years older than him.

In the cellar, Agnes, still in character, monologues about murder, remorse, and the legacy of The Butcher.  She feels remorse for killing Alissa because she is a new mother.  She then relishes in the fact that she was a fan favorite in the series.  Suddenly, the lights go out.  Agnes lights a match and discovers that the stick figures have appeared in the cellar.

The next morning, Dominic drinks with Monet, while Lee rebukes him for enabling an alcoholic.  Lee and Monet leave, and Shelby walks in.  Dominic tries to seduce her, and ultimately fails.  Matt comes in, and tells his rival that he can have Shelby– he doesn’t care anymore.  In the confessional, Dominic tells us that he loves playing the villain because they are the ones who get the most attention.  He reveals that Sidney paid him to start drama, and even wired him with a body cam to intimately record his destruction of Shelby and Matt’s lives.

Shelby cries alone in her room.  She notices the camera and is about to say something, when Agnes appears wielding a cleaver.  Agnes slips in and out of character before cutting deep into Shelby’s shoulder with the cleaver.  Shelby holds up her phone to record Agnes killing her, when Dominic swoops in and saves her by knocking Agnes down.  Soon after, she disappears from the room.

Audrey, assisted by Matt, treats Shelby’s wound.  Lee tells them that the phone lines have been cut.  In the confession booth, Monet tells us that it’s been an hour, and an ambulance still hasn’t arrived.  They all think that Sidney is still watching them from the production trailer.  Lee, Monet, and Audrey decide to venture out of the house to confront Sidney face-to-face, and Lee reveals that she has her gun with her. They take to the tunnels.  Underground, Audrey thinks that she sees Rory.  It’s not. It’s some sort of ghostly creature.  It makes a horrible, screeching noise, and the three women run off.

In the house, Matt takes care of Shelby.  He tells her that he hasn’t felt human in two years because of the trauma he experienced in the house.

Lee, Audrey, and Monet search the woods for the trailer.  The blood moon has arrived.  When they finally find the trailer, they stumble upon Sidney’s corpse.  They also find that the phones in the trailer don’t work.  Neither do the cars parked nearby.  They’re stranded in the woods.  Suddenly, Agnes runs up.  Lee shoots her, and she falls to the ground.

A torch-wielding crowd marches through the woods.  The women get off the road, and Audrey records a Blair Witch Project-style last message for Rory.  Blood drips onto her face.  When she looks up, she finds that her husband’s corpse has been hung from a tree.  Lee and Monet drag her away to find safety.  Instead, they run into the Polk family, who subdues them with a cattle prod.

In the cellar, Agnes records herself removing the bullet from her shoulder.

In the house, Matt awakens and leaves his room.  Dominic follows him to the basement.  Matt addresses an unseen person.  “I’ve been waiting for you,” he says.  A demon screech is heard, and Matt is pulled out of sight. Dominic wakes up Shelby and brings her to the basement, where the two see Matt having sex with the Witch.  Shelby hits her with a crowbar and it runs off.  Matt reveals that he is in love with her.  In a rage, Shelby bashes his head in.

At the Polk house, the family has tied Lee to a chair.  Mama Polk rubs alcohol and seasoning on Lee’s leg and has one of her sons stab it, preparing to amputate and cook it.

Dominic tries to keep Shelby calm as she has a panic attack.  He tells her that she needs to turn herself in.  A noise is heard outside: Agnes is throwing around gas cans.

Meanwhile, the Polk brothers snort Audrey’s coke and torment her and Monet.  Mama Polk comes in and presents a dish of meat for them to eat.  The two beg for their lives and ask where Lee is.  Mama Polk reveals that the meat is from Lee.  The family uses the cattle prod to force Monet and Audrey to eat it.

Agnes is surrounded by the hoards of Roanoke ghosts as she prepares to burn down the house.  She comes face-to-face with the real Butcher.  The real Thomasin White.  Agnes tries to excuse her appropriation of her legacy, and The Butcher drivers a cleaver into Agnes’ skull, killing her.