American Horror Story: Roanoke: 6×09

There are times in life where escapism is needed.  Here’s what happened this week on American Horror Story: Roanoke.


The beginning of the episode gives us a perspective shift and three new characters.  Sophie, Milo, and Todd are young adults who have strapped GoPros to their heads and are taking a stroll in the woods.  They’re huge fans of My Roanoke Nightmare and want to find the house to film themselves poking around during the Blood Moon.  In the woods, they see a woman who is clearly frightened and disoriented.  They reach out to her to try to help, but she runs away. They follow her, and come across a flipped over car…with the woman’s dead body inside.  It’s Diana, the dead production assistant.

At the house, Audrey and Lee ask Gillian why he came.  He tells them that he was scheduled to arrive and scare them to shake up the reality show.  He was also instructed to leave his cellphone behind.  Since Gillian is an Army vet, he takes instructions very seriously. He thinks that Lee and Audrey’s injuries are fake.  Audrey tells him that the wounds are real, everyone is dead, and Monet is still in the woods.  Gillian springs to action and wants to leave the house to find help and locate Monet.  Audrey and Lee convince him to let them tag along.  Lee thinks she might be at the Polk’s house.  Remember: Lee is adamant about finding the recordings of them killing the Polks.

We cut back to Sophie, Todd, and Milo.  They called the police about the body, and are now being questioned about it. They reveal that they run a fan site dedicated to My Roanoke Nightmare.  The police officer tells them that no body was found in the woods, and that the precinct has been overloaded with false calls since the show aired.

Meanwhile, Gillian, Audrey, and Lee search the woods for Monet.  When they get to the Polk house, Gillian tells them he can hotwire a truck to get them to safety.  They agree that as soon as they hear the engine, they will run out of the house to join him in the vehicle.  In the house, Audrey and Lee split up.  Audrey wants to find Monet; Lee wants the tapes.  Audrey finds Monet and immediately hears the truck’s engine.  She tries to bring Monet out of the house, but they are intercepted by Ishmael Polk, who tells them that since they killed Mama Polk, he will murder them slowly.  Audrey gets his statement on film and shoots him.  We then see Lee killing the other Polk brother.

In the truck, Gillian is stabbed by an unseen assailant.  Lee, Monet, and Audrey see the colonists advancing towards them, and make a run for it.

Only Audrey and Monet make it back to the house.  They think Lee is dead.  Since Audrey is holding the recovered camera, they watch the tape…including Lee’s confession about killing her ex.

We see Lee crawling through the woods. She is snatched by a blurry figure as a pig walks by.  We then watch as the figure gives her a pig’s heart to eat.

Milo, Todd, and Sophie go back to the woods to film the house during the Blood Moon.  They see Lee.  She’s holding a hatchet.  Lee slices Todd’s throat, and Milo and Sophie run for their lives.  They find the production trailer in the woods and go in. In the trailer, they watch the live feed from the house.  And watch Lee walking up to the door.

Sophie makes a 9-1-1 call, but the dispatcher doesn’t believe her.  She decides to try to save Audrey and Monet.  Milo begrudgingly goes with her to the house.

In the house, Monet tells Audrey she wants to take the confession tape to the police.  Then, the two hear someone enter.  They go to investigate– it’s Lee.  They try to talk to her, and Lee accuses them of sullying the land.  It’s now obvious she is possessed by The Butcher, or has had a spell put on her by The Witch.  Lee pushes Monet down the stairs.  She impales herself on a broken banister rail on the way down and dies.  Lee starts in on Audrey next, who barely escapes with her life.

Sophie records herself stating her intentions, and Milo begs her to come back to the trailer with him to stay safe.

Outside the house, Lee pushes Audrey into the cellar and traps her inside.

Milo and Sophie witness the colonists disemboweling  Gillian.

We then see the caption “What you are about to see was recovered from an iCloud account registered to Todd Allan Connors. It is presented in its raw form.  The images are graphic, violent, and deeply disturbing.”

The caption delivers.  Sophie and Milo are ritualistically sacrificed by the colonists– they are burned alive.

The next morning, the police arrive.  Someone watched the video online and made a report.  The police find Sophie and Milo’s charred corpses in the front yard.  They go in and find the other bodies as well.  Outside, an officer finds Lee.  She is petrified and disoriented.  He helps her into a car to be driven to the hospital.  Another officer finds Audrey as she’s clawing her way out of the cellar.  She, too, is traumatized.  Lee calls out to her. In a fit of rage, Audrey screams and calls Lee a murder.  She seizes an officer’s gun to kill her.  She is shot to death by the police.